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Tim's Twitter Q&A Part 2: Did U.S. women choke?
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It wasn't a great week to be a U.S. hockey fan.

The men's team lost, 1-0, to Canada on Friday, and the women's team came within minutes of winning gold -- also losing to Canada -- earlier in the week.

I looked at the men's loss in depth in Part 1 (see story). In Part II, I get back to the women.

Team USA appeared to have the gold medal all locked up with a  2-0 lead in the waning minutes of the third period.

The women caved in the final 3:26 of regulation where we saw a momentum shift of epic proportions by Canada and its former gold-medal heroine of past, Marie-Philip Poulin, who will haunt the dreams of Americans for four more years, as she did in 2010 at Vancouver.

The U.S.’s loss wasn’t entirely laid at the hands of the officials -- they were brutal -- but the refs left quite a bit to be desired.

It’s the Olympics, and you expect quality officiating but was present was both inferior and an embarrassment to the IOC, not that the IOC cares.

Turns out, that game became the most-stream event in the history of NBC Sports Digital, excluding Super Bowl XLVI before Friday’s men’s game.

How many people watched? About 1.2 million unique users.

By the way, the Canadian women left a handwritten message to the men, essentially saying the girls paved the road for their own gold and now it was the men’s turn to deliver, which the mean did.


Here's your take on the U.S women's loss to Canada:

A: Here's the thing: You win the gold medal. The silver medal is the consolation for losing, and it's the one medal no one wants to win.

A: Team USA pressured and went to a trap, but they did not pursue the puck. They did not attempt any offense on Canada. They went into a protective shell and it bit them.

A: Exactly - a travesty in overtime. And what if that puck doesn't hit the left post?

A: Even the most ardent USA supporters would not argue that point.

A: Don't agree - USA's tactics cost them dearly. And they began OT with three legit scoring chances to end it right there and couldn't do it.

A: I literally had pains in my stomach after the third period. I felt awful for them. Watching the medal ceremony was hard to take. If you never get another chance to win the gold, you will remember those final minutes for the rest of your life and it will ruin so many other things. The pain of losing like that won't go away. Ask Baggio about losing a shootout to Brazil and hitting the post.