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Flyers' focus in practice: Hitting the net more
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The gang that couldn’t shoot straight.
That pretty much describes the Flyers this week, not just in their season-opening loss to Toronto, but in practice as well.
Coach Peter Laviolette isn’t impressed with 73 attempted shots when 21 of them were errant. So many of the drills in the two days that have followed the 3-1 loss emphasize shooting on net.
“I’d like to see us shooting the puck a little bit more. Even more to the point, I’d like to see us hit the net a little more,” Laviolette said. “Even in practice here. We’re firing scud missiles from the slot or coming off the rush. They’re smashing off the glass.
“If we can put it between the red bars somewhere, there might be a second opportunity or third opportunity that follows off the glass or around the corners. And now you are working on puck possession again. I’d like to see us working on hitting that net a little more than we have.”
He’ll have a chance to see whether the shooting practice and focus sessions had any impact this weekend as the Flyers play in Montreal on Saturday and then Sunday afternoon in Carolina.
It’s the first back-to-back sequence of games for the Flyers this season in what will be a relatively light month of October – 11 games, with just two back-to-backs.