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PST: Jordan Matthews got a little 'humble pie'
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Rookie Jordan Matthews has certainly impressed during training camp. However, on Friday night the wide receiver got humbled a bit in the Eagles’ 34-28 loss to the Chicago Bears in their first game of the preseason.

Matthews had four catches for 14 yards in his preseason debut at Soldier Field, but the wideout also had three drops in the contest (see story).

Former Eagles linebacker Ike Reese believes the rookie’s rough first game is good for him.

“It’s a little slice of humble pie,” Reese said Monday on Philly Sports Talk. “I’ve always felt that rookies are best seen and not heard. Not that he’s done anything wrong. ... He just wants to get out there and prove that he was worth being drafted in the second round. 

“But the game is a lot easier when the lights come on, you’re playing against different competition. I think he’ll realize that and he’ll come back, work harder. He’s going to be fine.” 

Matthews, and the rest of the Eagles, will get another chance to work out the nerves and the kinks of their less-than-stellar first preseason game (see story) when they face the New England Patriots this Friday night at Gillette Stadium. 

To hear more from Reese on Matthews’ debut, watch the video above.