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Postgame Plus: Saints' game plan limited DeSean
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DeSean Jackson averaged 83.3 yards receiving and 5.1 receptions per game this season. But on Saturday night in the Eagles' 26-24 wild-card round playoff loss to the Saints (see story), the wide receiver had just three receptions for 53 yards.

Following the loss, Eagles analyst Ray Didinger discussed Jackson's game on Eagles Postgame Plus.

"One of the things that was impressive about Jackson's year this year was the fact that he's the kind of receiver that he is, who is an explosive guy, but he's not what we'd call a great route runner. ... A guy like that typically doesn't catch a high percentage of his targets," Didinger said. "It's hard to get that guy the ball all the time. But this year the Eagles got the ball to him, completed 64 percent of his targets. It's an extraordinarily high number for that kind of receiver.

"But, in this game tonight they targeted him six times, only got it to him three times and really only one true meaningful play."

But was Jackson's mediocre game the result of the Eagles' offense, or was it because of the Saints' coaching staff? Didnger explained what he thought was the real reason for Jackson's numbers. 

"I think it's a good game plan on the part of Rob Ryan, who was able to neutralize your two biggest weapons to a great degree," Didinger said.

"But also I just think the Eagles' coaches were ... I think they let themselves be out-coached by the Saints' staff in this game."