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NFLPA: DeSean owes Drew Rosenhaus $500K
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Just three days after being released by the Eagles, DeSean Jackson signed a three-year, $24 million deal with the Redskins, with $16 million guaranteed.

And $516,415 is about to go to Drew Rosenhaus.

You may remember that Rosenhaus, Jackson's former agent, filed a grievance last June, seeking $400,000 from Jackson in outstanding loans. Jackson had cut ties with Rosenhaus the previous May and is now represented by agent Joel Siegel.

On Wednesday, Rand Getlin of Yahoo! Sports reported that an NFLPA arbiter ruled in Rosenhaus' favor.

Per Getlin, Rosenhaus had been seeking a larger amount, $777,793, for "loans, interest, credit card charges and insurance premiums." The bulk of the $516,415 Jackson now owes comes from a $375,000 loan, of which Rosenhaus agreed to waive $175,000 when Jackson retained him to negotiate his five-year, $48 million extension with the Eagles in 2012.

Of note, both Jackson and another former Eagle and Rosenhaus client, Terrell Owens, have publicly complained about arbiter Roger Kaplan. Owens is involved in a separate dispute with Rosenhaus, who is using Kaplan to resolve yet another case, this one involving Rosenhaus and a former employee.

According to a Yahoo! story from last November: "Owens alleges the union is attempting to force him to use an arbitrator who he says is 'essentially on [Drew] Rosenhaus' payroll,' in a $6.5 million dispute between he and his former agent.

"Jackson raised concern with being forced to use the same arbitrator — Roger Kaplan — in a dispute between he and Rosenhaus over more than $400,000. The wide receiver alleges he was never informed Kaplan was receiving money from Rosenhaus for serving as an arbitrator in an unrelated dispute between the agent and a former employee. Jackson says the financial relationship between Rosenhaus and Kaplan gives rise to the appearance of bias, and Jackson has asked Kaplan to recuse himself from his matter."

Getlin's report also mentions that "the law firm that represented Rosenhaus against Jackson was referred to him by NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith."

This has been the latest episode of As the DeSean Turns.