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McCoy never misses a beat in Eagles' victory
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Breaking ankles, and shortly thereafter, Twitter, LeSean McCoy and his knee looked perfectly fine after ripping off a scintillating 21-yard run in his preseason debut.

Just ask Carolina Panthers cornerback Drayton Florence.

In the first quarter of the Eagles' 14-9 win over the Panthers on Thursday, McCoy received a handoff from Nick Foles, bounced it outside as opposed to barreling toward a crowded B gap and the rest was just more evidence of what "Shady" can do in open space.

Heading to the left, McCoy channeled his Twitter handle and cut on the dime. Twice.

The four-year back slashed hard to the inside, sending Florence sliding by helplessly, followed by another direction-changing cut that forced linebacker Thomas Davis out of the play as well.

“Some things you just kind of feel. It's hard to describe it,” McCoy said. “Some things you just feel and go.”

McCoy, after stunning the fans and Panthers' defense alike, sprinted diagonally to the right toward the end zone to try and cap off one of the preseason's best plays.

But he was tripped up seven yards short.

“I should have scored,” the running back said with a smirk.

The crowd on hand was enthralled with that particular run, which reminded folks that McCoy is still a top fantasy option at running back.

"I don't know, people forgot about me, man," McCoy said, "I heard you people in fantasy, I'm knocked down. I don't know."

The fans weren't the only ones in awe. Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans was also impressed by the galvanizing run by McCoy.

“Man, that's a run right there where he can break a guy's ankles on a play like that,” Ryans said. “Shady's got the moves. Shady, he's a great back, he makes a lot people miss in the open field, and again, that's another guy I wouldn't be out there having to tackle, so I'm happy about that."

However, not everyone was blown away with the agile display.

Running backs coach and former bruising rusher Duce Staley said the flashy moves come natural to McCoy, so they’re not as impressive as, perhaps, a proper read downfield or hitting an open hole.

“That's what he's been doing for a long time in this league, so he'll be the first to tell you that that's not exciting to me,” Staley said. “Making guys miss, spinning, making guys stop in their tracks -- that's God-given talent. That's something he's been doing and I expect that every day and every game.”

McCoy's run was clearly the highlight of the evening, but the versatile back wasn't a one-trick pony Thursday night.

McCoy finished the first half with eight rushing attempts for 47 yards. He also contributed in the passing game, snagging three balls out of the backfield for 16 yards.

The Eagles' featured offensive threat worked with both Foles and Michael Vick under center and was on the field for the vast majority of the first half.

And after being refused a score on his highlight scamper, McCoy found the end zone on a one-yard zone read give from Vick, who said he had multiple options on the play.

McCoy, evidently, was the right choice.

“I think it's kind of just wanting it. The good thing about our offense is that so many players want to make plays, and the offense with Coach [Chip] Kelly gives you the option to make plays,” McCoy said. “It's just a matter of time to see how this thing works out. I'm excited.”