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Gunn's bullet points: Peters' praise for McCoy
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Here are five bullet points as the Eagles prepare for their third game of the preseason:

Jason Peters says he expects to play at least three quarters in Jacksonville. Peters, who normally doesn’t say a lot, got our attention when he added that he expects LeSean McCoy to rush for more than 1,000 yards earlier rather than later in the season. If that turns out to be true, we should be talking about Shady battling for a rushing title with likes of Adrian Peterson and a few others.

Michael Vick made somewhat of a joke when he said the media is to blame for his label as a fragile quarterback. Uh, no Mike. Your career health track record says otherwise. During OTAs, Vick told us that this offense was geared toward the quarterback getting hit less. But earlier this week he said the offense will allow him to have more running opportunities, which begs us to ask: What’s the over/under on how many games No. 7 survives this season?

It’s a shame that Kenny Phillips can’t get on the field. He came here with knee issues, and his latest dilemma is a strained quad. His chances of making this squad continue to fade to black.

I still feel that Nate Allen will start alongside Patrick Chung when the regular season gets here, but rookie Earl Wolff is closing in. Unless Allen plays at a consistently high level, Wolff could bump the veteran from the starting lineup.

Kudos to Tra Thomas, who was promoted from an intern to a full-time offensive assistant coach. He will be a tremendous asset in helping young offensive linemen develop quickly and learning the little tricks of the trade in trench warfare.