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Eagles hit 'reset button' after historic win
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Less than 48 hours removed from one of the most memorable wins in franchise history, the Eagles arrived at the NovaCare Complex without fond recollections of their 14-point triumph over Detroit in the snow.

No discussions about the 14-point comeback in the ankle-high snow. No talk of the five-game win streak or the Monday night Dallas loss that propelled them into sole possession of first place in the NFC East.

“Short memory,” Nick Foles said. “Ron Jaworksi said it best: 'You’ve got to have amnesia. You’ve got to be able to forget about it and move forward.' I deal with the emotions of the game after the game and Monday, and Monday night I’m thinking about my next opponent.”

The next opponent happens to be the Vikings, who have three wins this season, one win since Nov. 8 and aren’t in the playoff stratosphere.

Adding injury to insult, the Vikes almost certainly won’t have their best player, running back Adrian Peterson, who sprained his right foot against the Ravens on Sunday.

The Eagles are 4½-point favorites on the road, haven’t lost since Oct. 27 and just outlasted Detroit in a blizzard that several players said was the most fun they’ve ever had in a game.

It’s only natural to assume they’ll have trouble turning the page toward a going-nowhere Vikings team and a game at the half-filled, antiseptic Metrodome.

“We've been doing it all along,” offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said. “In our minds, the only thing we've done is win five in a row. There's a lot out there still, and it all starts with staying focused on playing the Vikings and doing whatever we can, and I think I kind of go that direction every time we visit here on Tuesday, and that's really the message to the team.

“You know, there's nothing really in our sights other than playing Minnesota, and our guys have done it and displayed to us in the last few weeks that they can do it, so it's just hit the reset button and let's go.”

Same goes for Bill Davis’ defense, which hasn’t allowed more than 21 points in nine games, the NFL’s longest streak.

“The message, and we just got done with the guys, is all about Tuesday, and that's been the mantra all the way through is Tuesday,” Davis said. “Can we outprepare and outwork and outmeet and outtrain and outrecover the Vikings on this Tuesday?

“And if we do that one day at a time, focusing on our corrections from last Sunday's game and moving on to the introduction of the Vikings and just throw everything into that one day and the things we can control … we say it over and over again, let's control what we can and forget about the rest.”

If the Vikings aren’t enough motivation, the Eagles have the prospect of winning their first division title since 2010 still dangling. They moved one game ahead of Dallas after the Cowboys were blasted by the Bears, 45-28, on Monday night.

An Eagles win over Minnesota combined with a Dallas loss to Green Bay would force the Cowboys to make up two games with just two remaining.

But that’s another media focus the Eagles aren’t discussing inside the NovaCare Complex. Chip Kelly’s “win the day” mantra has permeated the locker room.

“Dallas losing to the Bears, that doesn’t change anything for us and what we need to do,” linebacker Connor Barwin said. “There’s three games left and the next one is the biggest game yet.

“You’re able to to do it (turn the page) because the message is clear. It’s been clear all year long. Improve every week and move on every week to the next one. That kind of steady ship has allowed us to be the same team and continue to improve and show up the same way every Sunday.”