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Despite poor play, there's still hope for Eagles
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As Ed Rendell was walking out of the CSN newsroom Sunday night he said, "All is not lost ... all is not lost."

Yes, the voice of the fans on Eagles Postgame Live is looking at the positives like many of you after watching a 52-20 drubbing by the Broncos. Sure, the Eagles are 1-3 with a defense as bad as any in the NFL, and yet Rendell sees daylight when looking at the Eagles' upcoming schedule.

As poorly as the Eagles have played in the last three weeks, there is still hope. In the next two months. There is only one team on their schedule that currently has more than one win, and that's the 2-2 Dallas Cowboys.  

The next two weeks, the Eagles face the winless Giants and Bucaneers on the road. Is there any better way to turn around a season than by beating the 0-4 Giants?  

The current combined record of the Eagles' opponents prior to the bye week on Nov. 24 is an embarrassing 5-18.

From the euphoria of the first half in Washington to start the season, to the pitiful second half of Sunday's loss in Denver, we have seen this team's highs and lows.

Chip Kelly and Mike Vick both said this team must stay together and work their way out of this three-game losing streak.The expectations changed after the season-opening win over the Redskins, and now we are seeing the Eagles' true colors. Moments of brilliance, but far too many weaknesses.

The good news is that the NFC East race will be up for grabs all season long. The Eagles have as good a shot at the division as anyone. It won't be pretty but honestly I don't think many of us expected any works of art this season, and so far that has been so true.