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Burke and Gunn: D-line options for Eagles in draft
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Over the past few years, the Eagles have used high draft picks on Fletcher Cox, Bennie Logan and Vinny Curry to bolster their defensive line.

The NFL draft is less than a week away and the Eagles will certainly be looking to add a wide receiver and defensive back in the early rounds. But should they consider taking a defensive lineman with the 22nd pick?

CSN's Ron Burke and Derrick Gunn looked at a few players who could help solidify the D-line. If the Eagles decide to target a nose tackle, Burke thinks Notre Dame's Louis Nix should be their guy.

"For a 330-pound guy, he's pretty light on his feet," Burke said. "He moves around really nimble and I like the way he plays. He's a guy that did have a knee issue before, got it checked out ... but that's a guy who played high-grade competition, who is a high-grade performer and moves well."

Gunn thinks the Eagles could use some help at defensive end. He said he likes "size on the edge" and would like to see the Eagles pick up a player who has "a quick burst." Auburn's Dee Ford fits that mold.

"He's got that acceleration off the snap," Gunn said of Ford. "He's able to bull rush offensive linemen and constantly push them into the backfield."

Nix and Ford will likely be selected in the first round. There are a handful of other defensive linemen who could be available for the Eagles in the later rounds, according to Burke and Gunn.

Watch the video above to see their full analysis.