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10 observations from Eagles-Cowboys
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Ten observations from the Eagles' 17-3 loss to the Cowboys (see Instant Replay), including references to Bobby Hoying, Brad Goebel, Pat Ryan and Doug Pederson.

Hold on, this won’t be pretty:

1. Not even sure where to start with Nick Foles. Coming off the Giants and Buccaneers games and a couple national Player of the Week awards, this was the first time in his career where expectations were high, and let’s be honest, he fell flat on his face. Misfiring all over the field. Honestly, he reminded me of Bobby Hoying circa 1998. Maybe even Brad Goebel circa 1991. He just had nothing. No game. Looked mentally sluggish. Slow in his decision-making and just shaky every time he dropped back. Huge step backward. I didn’t think he’d be as good as he was the last couple weeks. But 11 for 29 for 80 yards before he left the game with likely a concussion (see story) ? That’s just … horrifying.

2. Only seven quarterbacks in NFL history had ever thrown 29 passes in a game for 80 yards or less, including Doug Pederson, Stan Gelbaugh and Ryan Lindley. Not good company for Foles.

3. And Matt Barkley? Tough position for a rookie making his NFL debut. Passed for 125 yards in a quarter and had some solid looks but also threw three INTs in a quarter. He became the first Eagle with three INTs in 20 or fewer attempts since Rich Kotite found Pat Ryan on a construction site in 1991. Guess he starts Sunday against the Giants?

4. I hate the 60-yard field goal attempt with nine seconds left in the first half. If you throw deep on 3rd-and-1, then just go for it on 4th-and-1. If you’re not going to go for it on 4th-and-1, then run a higher-percentage play on third down and get into reasonable field goal range. Bad sequence.

5. A few words on DeMeco Ryans. I thought he was OK last year, no better, no worse. This year, in a defense that isn’t supposed to be ideally suited for him, he’s been terrific. Stout against the run, around the ball, making plays. There aren’t a lot of veteran guys on this young defense, and Ryans has been both a tremendous leader and a real glue in the middle of the field. Probably the Eagles’ best linebacker since … Carlos Emmons?

6. Interesting note on DeMeco: Sunday was his second game as an Eagle with both an interception and a sack. Only five other Eagles have had multiple games with both an INT and a sack: Seth Joyner (seven), Brian Dawkins (four) and Wes Hopkins, William Thomas and Reggie White (two each).

7. This is about three consecutive non-disastrous games for Nate Allen. He’s not going to the Pro Bowl any time soon, but he’s actually been solid since the Denver game. Gotta give the kid credit. He’s taken more heat than anybody around here in a long time, and he’s kept his head up, kept working and gotten better. Good for him.

8. You can’t ask for much more from the Eagles’ defense. The Cowboys came in averaging 31 points and the Eagles held 'em to 17. The last three games, Billy Davis’ group has hung in there, allowing 21, 20 and 17 points to the Giants, Bucs and Cowboys. They forced a couple turnovers Sunday, got a couple sacks, didn’t allow a pass play longer than 26 yards nor a run longer than 12 yards. You hold the Cowboys to 17, you should win. You really should.

9. Nine straight home losses is just ridiculous. Longest home losing streak in franchise history -- the 1936 and 1937 teams lost eight straight -- and equals the 16th-longest home losing streak in NFL history. The sad reality is that over the past 13 months, Andy Reid has won more games at the Linc than the Eagles have. Unimaginable.

10. I have officially seen enough of Damaris Johnson. Next!