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Watch: Boneheaded Phils fan interferes, robs Utley of homer
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Chase Utley touched them all in the bottom of the ninth. As it turned out, that was only good for a little extra cardio as Chase was forced to go back to second base and settle for a ground-rule double after a Phillies fan interfered with the ostensible home run.

Even the Phillies fans can't field a ball cleanly.

After the umps reversed the call and Utley was given a double, Ben Revere then promptly ended the game with a flyball so it didn't really seem to have much of an effect on the game aside from one fan getting to tell all his friends to watch the highlights on the news tonight.

And it did provide us with this fun Chase Utley grimace when the call was overturned:

The Phils dropped three of four to the Mets at home this week. Times are hard.