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Zoo's Views: Defense must become a cornerstone
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Construction can be a tough job. Building materials strewn about. The inevitable mistakes. And when it rains, it can get messy.

It’s a bit messy for the 76ers right now as they push through this whole "Together We Build" campaign. But that’s the intrinsic nature of the process. The thrilling 3-0 start is now buried under the rubble of seven straight losses and 15 in their last 17. The development of a potential young star temporarily stifled. But nobody promised us otherwise. And that’s the perspective.

The "Winless for Wiggins" or "Junk it for Jabari" crowds can see the incremental increase in lottery balls. We can revel in the growth of Michael Carter-Williams once he gets rid of this infection in his knee. We can grab hold of the development of others like free-agent swingman Hollis Thompson. We can look forward to Sam Hinkie hopefully adding to a young nucleus with two potential lottery picks, a ton of salary cap room and other potential assets to work into trades. And we can feel good about Brett Brown and his staff taking members of that nucleus and teaching them how to play.

We just have to get through this season, all the while holding on to that little bit of perspective.

One wonders how much of today’s basketball analytics can be applied to the defensive end of the floor. You would hope the Sixers' brain trust will consider that when determining whom to keep from this roster moving forward.

This team struggles mightily on the defensive end and its ability to defend the three-point line is not good. Making defense a cornerstone of the team culture is certainly a priority with Brown and his staff, but much of this current group still has a way to go before grasping those concepts.

Please tell me: Why are some questioning if a 20-year old rookie is “brittle?” Tell me why they’d even bring that up a mere quarter of the way through his first season playing professional basketball?

Carter-Williams missed four games with a bruised arch, nothing unusual. And now he’s dealing with a skin infection in his knee, something that is hardly a determining factor as to whether or not a player is brittle. Cut me a break and cut MCW a break, please. Stop rushing to judgment and let the guy figure things out in the NBA.

Evan Turner
The good news is, Evan Turner is putting up All-Star quality numbers. The bad news is, consideration as a reserve on the All-Star team will be tough given the Sixers' position in the standings.

What’s your feeling on Evan, as a player and his future? Tweet it out using @marczumoff @CSNPhilly and #SixersTalk.