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On Lunch Break: Parker or Wiggins
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Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins?

That’s been the debate raging as the Sixers lose game after game. With the team pinning its destiny on getting one of the top two picks in the next NBA Draft, Duke’s Parker and Kansas’ Wiggins have been a popular topic in Philadelphia.

On Tuesday’s edition of “Lunch Break,” Daily News beat writer Bob Cooney was asked which player he thinks will end up with the Sixers.

“You know what’s going to happen because this is the Sixers’ organization … they’re going to get the third pick,” Cooney said. “It will be Wiggins, Parker and the Sixers will have to go.”

Given the luck the Sixers have had lately, i.e. Andrew Bynum and Evan Turner as the No. 2 overall pick, missing out on one of the top two players seems appropriate.

Nevertheless, Cooney says the Sixers should do pretty well in the June draft.

“I think they’ll end up with Parker,” Cooney said. “I don’t see the Sixers getting the top pick.”

Cooney says NBA scouts seem to like Wiggins’ potential more than Parker’s more polished game. Teams around the league see the Kansas freshman developing into a star rather making a loud splash right out of the gate.

“From talking to scouts around the league, I think Andrew Wiggins will go before Jabari Parker because scouts think that Parker is where he’s going to be and still has further to go to improve,” Cooney said. “Parker is probably better overall right now, but I think NBA people think he’s as good as he’s going to get and Wiggins has more possibility to get better.”

As for which player will put on a better show in the upcoming NCAA tournament, Cooney is going with Parker.

“I’m going to go with Jabari Parker because I think Duke will go a little bit further than Kansas,” Cooney said. “But Wiggins has been playing very, very well lately.”