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Give and Go: How will Sixers fare on road trip?
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Each week, we'll ask questions about the Sixers to our resident basketball analysts and see what they have to say.

Running the Give and Go this week are CSNPhilly.com Sixers Insider Dei Lynam, CSNPhilly.com reporter John Finger and CSNPhilly.com columnist John Gonzalez.

How many games will the Sixers win on their six-game road trip?

The Sixers' upcoming road trip is challenging, and despite the fact that they have lost 11 in a row away from home, I am saying they will win at Milwaukee Saturday night. Even with the game being the tail end of a back-to-back set. If the Sacramento game wasn't also a back-to-back situation after Denver, I would like the Sixers' chances in that one, too. In the end, I say they go 1-5 on the trip.

Let's see ... Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Sacramento and Portland? And two are the second game of back-to-backs? Yikes. It's tough to predict now because who knows what will happen in a week or two. But for arguments sake, let's say they win in Sacramento. There's one.

Well, let's see: They're at Milwaukee, at Phoenix, at the Lakers, at Denver, at Sacramento and then they finish up at Portland. Milwaukee is arguably a bigger mess than any team in the league, including the Sixers. Huzzah. The Sixers win that one. Phoenix is the surprise of the NBA -- the team too good to tank. That's a loss. Kobe Bryant just went down again, but L.A. is far and the Sixers are still the Sixers. Loss. Denver has a good all-around team. Loss. (See where this is going?) Sacramento just made a trade for Rudy Gay, which should get everyone in Sacramento fired for cause. The Sixers could win that one, but I think Boogie Cousins will be too much to handle inside. Plus, Isaiah Thomas is good. So, yeah, loss. That leaves Portland. You can't hear it, but I'm laughing uncontrollably. No chance in that one. If the line had the Sixers getting 20, I'd still take the Blazers. One win for the Sixers out of six. If they're lucky.