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Give and Go: Atlantic team with brightest future?
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Each week, we'll ask questions about the Sixers to our resident basketball analysts and see what they have to say.

Running the Give and Go this week are CSNPhilly.com columnist John Gonzalez, CSNPhilly.com producer/reporter John Finger and CSN anchor/reporter Marshall Harris.

Which Atlantic Division team has the brightest future?

Let's do this by process of elimination: The Nets are old. They're out. The Knicks are the Knicks. They're out. That leaves the Raptors, Celtics and Sixers. Of those, I'll take the Celtics or Sixers. Both decided to rebuild this year. Both have a stockpile of draft picks and cap space. Both are in solid positions for the future.

At risk of sounding like a homer, I'm going with the Sixers. They have the most cap space and the most draft picks. The Knicks have an aging roster and the albatross of Carmelo Anthony on the roster. The Nets are also ready to cash in on some AARP benefits and have some tough-to-move contracts.

The Raptors seem poised to get better and they have a bright new GM, but the Raptors always seem to be on the cusp of improving. The Celtics appear to be in the same boat as the Sixers and it will come down to a few ping-pong balls in June and clearing out some contracts.

The immediate future looks rough for just about everyone in the Atlantic Division. Only one team is over .500 and no one is really that impressed with the Raptors. I think you have to say long-term, though, that the Sixers' future is as bright as anyone's with all that cap space and lottery picks coming their way. Anyone would sign up for that, especially since Michael Carter-Williams has already proven to be an above average point guard as a rookie. Things are looking up for the Sixers.