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Brown, Sixers suffering from 'beat-down effect'
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Brett Brown coined a phrase after Tuesday’s 29-point loss to the Cavaliers.

His team is now trying to avoid “the beat-down effect.”

After practice on Wednesday, Brown went into greater depth about the toll losing -- especially badly -- takes on a team.

“We understand this time of the year and the effect it has on human beings,” Brown said. “There is a lack of self-esteem or a lack of confidence or wondering what the future brings. It is my job to help [players] navigate through this.”

“At the end of the day, they do have to help themselves, but that beat-down effect rears its head in a bunch of ways. I see it now in them.”

The Sixers have lost three of their last four games by 45, 43 and 29 points.

Adding to the mix is the NBA trade deadline, set for 3 p.m. Thursday. Brown believes when that time passes his team will feel a weight has been lifted and that its play will get better as a result.

“We talk about it freely. Nobody is hiding from anything,” Brown said. “That is the way it is. It does not deviate from anything because we have jobs to do, but to discount the human element at this time of the year would be unfair. It has to creep in, but it does not provide any level of excuse.”

Brown did not tip his hand with regard to whether he knows any of Sixers general manager/president Sam Hinkie's immediate plans, but he did say history has taught him there is generally more talk than action at the deadline.

“I expect to get up and coach the players I coached the previous day,” Brown said. “The stats and facts confirm that opinion. Many times this period of time is highly overblown.”

“My experience over the years is not a lot happens. At the end of the day this is going to be left with Sam Hinkie’s better judgement. This is why the club hired him. This is his strength. It does not diminish communication at all. I am in this for the long haul.”

Hinkie was hired last spring. He proceeded to hire Brown as his head coach later in the summer. Brown signed a four-year contract knowing the road to success in Philadelphia was going to take time.

From Day 1, Brown has preached about rebuilding, developing players and reaching career-best fitness levels -- all signs that he wants to be part of the fabric of the franchise moving forward.

But, suddenly, instead of showing the process at work, the Sixers are displaying a bothersome lack of effort.

“As a coach perhaps it is my greatest responsibility to try and help us stay together in a team sense," Brown said. "To help us give that per possession, game-by-game effort. At times, it hasn’t been there and that does hurt.”

Maybe the lack of effort is just another area where the beat-down effect is winning out.