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Agent: Whether Bynum returns is up to Sixers
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The posturing has begun.

Will Andrew Bynum return to the Sixers next season? Based on what Bynum's agent David Lee told the Philadelphia Inquirer, the choice is the Sixers'.

Asked whether the 25-year-old Bynum would consider signing an extension with the Sixers, Lee said: "I don't see why not. I still feel like the ball is in their court."

Which could be stating the obvious, because the Sixers can offer Bynum -- who is scheduled to become a free agent July 1 -- more money and years than other teams.

Bynum, on the other hand, could choose to go elsewhere regardless of what the Sixers offer, but Lee added that "Philadelphia has been terrific to us" and "the only way that Philadelphia would not be an option would be if they decided that they wanted to go in another direction.”

As for Bynum's playing career -- the center has been sidelined all season by knee injuries and underwent surgery on both knees last month -- Lee told the Inquirer, "We have every reason to believe that he will be back on the court next season.”