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Brett Brown understands Sixers fans' frustration
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Brett Brown knows the fans in Philadelphia may not be happy with the Sixers.

In fact, if he were in their shoes, he'd feel the same way.

"I completely understand [the fans' frustration]," Brown said, in an interview for an upcoming episode of Comcast SportsNet's Sixers City. "I share in that. To go into a locker room 82 games a year and to try and keep young guys focused, committed and together when you're feeling some pain ... you're losing some games. I completely identify with the fans."

The Sixers are coming off the third-worst season in franchise history, finishing 19-63. They used the third overall pick of last week's draft on a player (Joel Embiid) who could potentially miss all of next season with a foot injury, and traded for another first-round pick (Dario Saric) who will not be eligible to play in the NBA for at least two years.

Brown, who is entering his second season with the Sixers, is a former member of the San Antonio Spurs organization with four championships rings, including three as an assistant coach. He is not used to losing, but he does agree with the long term plan for success that GM Sam Hinkie has laid out.

"What I would share with them (the fans) and what I try to coach my myself is, I see something very unique and potentially special in the direction we're trying to grow this," Brown said. "I believe we're doing the right thing."

You can catch the full episode of Sixers City on July 8 at 9 p.m. on the Comcast Network.