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How will Howard respond to possible platoon?
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Ryan Howard's future with the Phillies is up in the air.

Sources tell CSNPhilly.com's Phillies Insider Jim Salisbury that team officials have discussed the possibility of paying off Howard and moving on without him after the season (see story).

Howard, who was once feared in the middle of the Phillies' lineup, is far from the MVP he once was and the player that helped the club win five straight division titles and a World Series (see story).

Howard is hitting .224 and has one home run in his last 121 plate appearances.

Can he be a productive player again?

"I personally don't think those days are over," Phillies analyst Marlon Anderson said on Postgame Plus Wednesday night. "I think he has to make adjustments. It's more mental adjustments than physical adjustments."

To hear more from Anderson about those adjustments, watch the video above.